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Structural Inspection Services


Mr. Gaylord E. Reaves is a Certified Windstorm Engineer and Inspector and has been confirmed as a qualified TRCC Third-Party Inspector for structural inspections for the SIRP (State-sponsored Inspection and Dispute Resolution) process and a TRCC Fee Inspector to inspect county construction projects (Commission Registration No. 1097):

Builders and remodelers (see TRCC website for registration requirements) doing construction projects subject to inspection under Subtitle F of Title 16 of the Texas property Code in an unincorporated area or in another area not subject to municipal inspections (Property Code, Chapter 446) must have a minimum of three inspections conducted by a fee inspector, as applicable at certain stages of construction.

GE Reaves Engineering, Inc. does foundation inspections, also known as the pre-pour, and completes the necessary on-line steps for the contractor to proceed in completing this TRCC requirement.


A Third-Party Inspector is appointed by TRCC when a SIRP (State-sponsored Inspection and Dispute Resolution) request form has been filed, either by a homeowner or builder. If repairs are made, the builder arranges for the original third-party inspector to re-inspect the corrected defect(s).

In addition to foundation/pre-pour inspections GE Reaves Engineering also performs elongation and pier & beam inspections, as well as Windstorm inspections.

A soil sample can be collected and tested for “Atterberg” limits (soil plasticity), allowing for s site-specific foundation design.

2-10 Home Buyer Warranty inspections are another service that is offered

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Inspection Order Form
“With this form our clients can upload architectural files, plans and specifications, foundation designs, framing designs, site plans, etc. (Auto Cad format is preferred)”

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